The University of Godollo began with a pilot production of specific types of pasta made of quail eggs, and heat-stable vitamins are retained by involving them after cooking - csicsókás, luteines, capsaicin, innulinos - fortified pastas.
The test results prove that they are retained in the dough after cooking vitamins. It is important that most of the vitamin heat (cooking) can not be destroyed no matter what is used. After cooking test surprisingly it found that lutein remains.

Accredited labs validated by the nutritional values of pasta after cooking.

Luteines pasta

It is known that during aging brings our eyes, vision deterioration, it is used to prevent the pharmacies lutein is also available.
Unfortunately, we organized the vitamins used in the tablet does not integrate effectively enough. That is why we are feeding him a diet of lutein in the form of a hen or quail, birds that incorporate the organization through the egg and the egg into the batter.

Csicsókás pasta

It is well known that the Jerusalem artichoke is a very good effect through pre- and pro-vitamins the human body. The rich innulinokban well blended with the dough does not give you any smack. After cooking, the heat stable at 140 to inulins therefore not destroyed cooking result.

Capsaicin pasta

Simply substance extracted from the bell peppers are talking about, which is allegedly effective in the prevention of cancer. But the impact of the villi on the digestion has long been proved.

Gluten-free product line

To date, the gluten-free pasta made of corn flour. The corn taste really knock out the dough (you will taste melee) and hardness is associated drawbacks.
We are not from corn but also other ingredients (chickpea, rice flour, buckwheat flour babliszt) was prepared gluten-free pasta, which is not're all no aftertaste, but great tasting product will be using these materials. Not incidentally, these products are of high fashion as we used to call PALEO products today. They have a special meal in the exploration of building a steam-made technology, which ensures consistently high minsőégű gelatinized raw materials at competitive prices.