About us

The Hajdu Trans has been established in 1994 as a transportation company, it is possible to be recognized in his name. Our license for domestic transport service is still valid. From
1998 we are focused on food  production, particularly dry pasta manufacturing. At the beginning we operated smaller machines with capacity of 100kg/h, nowadays, thank to our continuous developments and EU subsidies; our capacity is 800 kg/h. 
The technology we are using has been  purchased from ITALPAST S.R.L. form the pasta home country – Italy. The Italian  tradition and  many decades practical experience with pasta manufacturing grants the execution of high quality expectations. Our company is operating HACCP quality management system and has been certified for ORGANIC production, which are granting the compliance with domestic and EU legislation and quality standards.
In our manufactory there are 35 employees, making us to be one of the determinative employers in the area. Our plans for the coming period is establishing of one manufactory where the pasta production happens not with extruded technology but with rolling process, following handmade tradition against mass production.


In cooperation with University in Gödöllő we started development of specific pastas done of quail eggs with addition of thermally stabile vitamins, which are reming in the pasta after cooking as well - these are our pastas enriched with Jerusalem artichokes, Lutein, Capsaicin and Inulin.

The laboratory examinations prove that the added vitamins remain with the noodles after cooking. This year we introduced organic pasta done of spelt wheat. The spelt flour contains high quantity of amino-acids and huge content of easily digestive nutritive fibers, which are cleaning the intestines and enhancing their blood circulation. Spelt cultivation and usage has strong tradition in Germany. This year we participated at Green Week Exhibition in Berlin and at BIOFACH Fair in Nurnberg, now we are preparing ourselves for PLMA in Amsterdam. Thank to that exhibitions we started negotiation with several European accounts (from Ukraine, Russia, and Germany) that showed significant interest in our specific pasta products.

We already submitted the application for the following cycles of the EU subsidies, targeting next specific, unique and products in line with healthy nutrition. Recently we are expecting to receive the decisions and to continue with our developments.


Csaba Hajdu
Managing Director